Custom Fit Replacement Belly Pans for Volkswagen TDI diesels


If your stock belly pan is broken, cracked, or has seen better days, our Belly Pan is the clear choice for you. The TDI community is well aware that the stock belly pan is not very durable, and notorious for breaking and cracking very easily. Our Belly Pan offers you a replacement type, custom fit belly pan as an alternative to buying the more expensive types. At the same time, maintains the dirt and sound protection your TDI deserves!

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    •Durable, flexible plastic won't crack or break!
    •Bends easily in cold temperatures
    •Keeps road grime, dirt, and snow off your lower engine
    •Reduces reflective diesel clatter noise
    •Ensures factory type aerodynamics
    •Made out of thick thermoform plastic from Germany
    •Custom fit for Golfs, Jettas, and New Beetles with the TDI engine
    •Factory appearance when installed
    •Easy to install - in minutes
    •Kits to fit either manual or automatic transmissions
    •Transfer your OEM factory sound insulation using the optional replacement hardware (If your factory insulation is of the removable type)
    •Great alternative to paying high dealer prices, or spending big money on some metal pans available

Kit includes:
    •Belly Pan
    •All new factory OEM VW attaching torx screws

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***Please note this kit attaches to your existing plastic side skirts/shields and does not include the plastic side skirts.  If your side skirts/shields are missing, our kit will not mount to your car.  The kit also does not provide the oil pan any more impact protection than the stock OEM plastic belly pan.***